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Meet Nicole Scannell


About Nicole Scannell

Nicole Scannell is a Tampa native. Born as the great-granddaughter of Italian immigrants, Nicole has deep roots in both Tampa’s Latin culture and greater community. As a young woman, Nicole was involved in a variety of community organizations, including Latin American Fiesta Association, where she held the Queen title, and the Columbus Day Association.

Growing up in Tampa’s Latin community provided Nicole with a strong work ethic and the necessary communication skills to succeed in business. She was raised in the restaurant/bar industry and was surrounded by many prominent business owners. After learning several aspects of this industry, she launched an international modeling career and then spent time working in both Europe and Hong Kong.

In 1996, Nicole returned to Tampa and got involved doing on/off premise Liquor promotions and modeled for the Home Shopping Network. Throughout the years, Nicole gained extensive experience in the Hospitality/Promotional Industry. This experience provided her with an in-depth understanding of staffing events with promotional teams and the professionalism needed to succeed in promotional endeavors.

In 1999, Nicole opened her own business, Scannell Productions, servicing liquor and beverage companies throughout the Tampa Bay area. Thirteen years later, Scannell Productions’ services have expanded to include the entire state of Florida and houses over 100 clients and 3,000 employees.

After thirteen years of business and tremendous growth, Nicole Scannell has perfected her craft and remains true to her philosophy of service.  As a result, her dedication to her business makes Scannell Productions an outstanding company.


Nicole Scannell won the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s 2011 “Woman of the Year” by raising $32,000 for blood cancer research.  The candidates completed ten weeks of service in honor of children who are local blood cancer survivors, the Boy & Girl of the Year. Her relentless effort focused on making life better for hundreds of thousands of patients battling blood cancers: leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma.