Scannell Productions

Just a few of our most popular questions. If you have additional questions feel free to contact us.

How do I book an event?

Scannell Productions can provide staffing for any type of event.  Clients please look under the “Book an Event” tab and choose what type of event you want to book.  Please fill out the form with as many details as possible.  We will contact you once the event is booked.

What is an Independent Contractor?

When you work with Scannell Productions you are an independent contractor, not an employee. Working as an Independent Contractor (IC) means you have the option to apply for those event opportunities of interest, in your local area or across the country.   IC’s are self-employed and responsible for all applicable taxes.   You must complete and send us your W9 form prior to your first event.

How do I become a model?

Under the Talent Application tab on our website you will find the application for new models.  Please fill out the application in its entirety and submit for review along with three photos of yourself.  Photos must be taken within the last four months, include a head and body shot. Once your application is submitted, we will contact you about training and future promotional events.

What paperwork do I need to fill out?

Prior to working your first event, you must agree to the Independent Contractor Agreement online- which explains our expectations for all independent contractors.  We need a copy of your signed W9 form and application.  Please send as PDF through email or fax to 813-254-3444.

How do I receive Event Notifications?

Once approved by Scannell Productions, you will be added to our e-mailing list based on your location and any locations you listed that you are available to work in. Please make sure to specify what areas, cities, and states you can work. As we receive events, we will send them out to the proper areas through e-mail.

How do I apply for an event?

To apply for an event, you must respond to the e-mail you receive containing the event details with your full name, date of the event, time of the event, and stating that you are “available.”

How do I know if I am booked for an event?

If you are chosen and booked for an event you will receive a confirmation email stating “you are BOOKED” with paperwork for that event and additional details.

How do I get paid after an event?

Checks are processed once a month and are mailed the 1st of each month, payroll cutoff is the 25th.  Example: staff who worked events Dec 26th-Jan 25th checks will be mailed on Feb 1st; all Jan 26th-Feb 25th events checks will mailed on March 1st, etc.  (Provided that you have fulfilled all of the contractor requirements; time sheets, event photos, recap forms, etc.). If you haven’t received your check within 10 business days of mailing, please notify the accounting department. Additionally, we have direct deposit set up through Viewpost which you will receive an invite from our accounting department to set up your account. All payments will be visible on your portal. 

Who do I contact if my check is wrong or I haven’t received it?

You must contact the accounting department by email or phone.  Provide the product, date, and location you worked along with your question.
813-251-4805 ext 2

What will I need to wear when I work an event?

Unless otherwise specified, we require all staff to wear all black business professional attire at all events.  Women can wear an all black dress, black skirt with a black blouse, black slacks, etc.  Men please wear black pants and black buttoned down shirt.  No sunglasses or flip flops, treat this as a professional job, we want you to look the part.